LF Chapter 7.1

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When Lin Qi returned home, Father Lin was sitting in the hall waiting for him.

“What happened today?” Father Lin asked lightly. Today, the wine restaurant witnessed the heir of the Wine God and the family wanted him to come to Lin Fu, which would do no harm to the business of their Hundred Li Fragrances… However, only Lin Qi returned.

“I heard that you met the Li kid today?” Seeing that Lin Qi had nothing to say, Father Lin asked.

Lin Qi did not speak. After a long time, Father Lin sighed and walked over to Lin Qi. “Ah Qi, if you… like boys, Father has…no objections. It’s just that they must not be from the Li’s family.”

“Father, I don’t understand.” Lin Qi raised his head and wiped his lips.

“You have always been simple-minded, how would you know whether the other party was deceiving you, and whether what they said was true or false…The Li family was born taught to honor the family at all costs… They are not the genuine. If you like him, you must always be of use to him. Ah Qi, do you understand?” Father Lin put great emphasis on his words.

Lin Qi looked at him for a long time and finally slowly lowered his head. With a quiet voice, he said: “I… I see.” The hair that hung down on both sides of Lin Qi’s face blocked his expression before he straightened.

Laying down in the evening——

“Xiao Qi, it’s almost time for resentment to disappear. What should I do now?” Lin Qi hooked up the corner of his lips and said, “Soon, to ensure that the status of the Lin family is stable, it is necessary to let Li Liheng stop fighting against the Lin family…Move the time forward to two years.”

Little Egg showed Xiao Qi that it was indeed the most powerful, jumping time was not an easy task to overcome.

(Note: Time regulator, this item was the most important prop of Little Egg, it allows one to move

in the blink of an eye, to other times – to thousands of years, oh hoo, time was like this ~~ps: this prop should be launched, please don’t carelessly ignore it ~)

The next day, Lin Qi woke up two years later.

For Li Liheng, it was two years of contact with Lin Qi, but for Lin Qi, it was only one night.

A fifteen-year-old boy, his body had fully grown. The tall figure matches the demeanor splendidly, which makes countless girls come and go looking back shyly all the way.

Lin Qi was stopped by a man on his way to his restaurant.

This man was the housekeeper of the Li Fu who grew up watching Li Liheng. He said anxiously, “Master Lin, go and see my young master! He… He had an accident…”

After hearing this, Lin Qi turned around and flew to Li Fu.

In the past two years, Li Liheng still persevered with Lin Qi but Lin Qi kept avoiding him. Now, it’s probably Li Liheng who directed himself to call upon Lin Qi to leave the Lin family and stay with him. Perhaps even he did not know whether it was for utility or for his own heart.

When Lin Qi arrived, he met a woman outside the house. She was carrying medicine. She saw Lin Qi and her face became ugly in an obvious manner. Lin Qi paused and then went straight around her into the house.

Seeing Li Liheng, who was pale and weak, lying on his back, Lin Qi quickly stepped up to the bedside, his voice sounded angry: “What’s the matter?”

“Ah Qi, you’re here… I’m fine. Don’t worry. Cough… “ Li Liheng saw Lin Qi’s eyes shining as he struggled to sit up while making a gentle soothing voice.

Lin Qi came closer and held him. He bowed his head and said faintly, “If you have nothing to say. I’ll go first…”

“Ah Qi…” “Master Lin, my young master has spent a whole night outside, looking forward to the jade you sent him, so…” The housekeeper next to him made a sound to support the testimony.

Lin Qi looked at Li Liheng with blank eyes. For a long time, he licked his lips and said, “It’s just a piece of jade. Why do you need it?…” (Little Egg scratches nose: This trick is useless for Xiao Qi ah-hey! Speaking and using jade as an excuse?”)

“What matters is not the jade, but the person who gives it.” Li Liheng looked at Lin Qi steadily and suddenly grasped his hands tightly. “Ah Qi, you like me, don’t you?”

Lin Qi pulled out his hand, stepped two steps back, his eyes widened. “… We… Impossible!”

Li Liheng said eagerly, “I can feel it… As soon as you heard what happened to me, you come here desperately. You obviously love me very much! Come to me, will you? We will brew wine together and operate together… I’ll go and make it clear to my uncle. I’ll go and ask for his forgiveness.”

Lin Qi seemed to be at a loss and finally just said, “You… Have a good rest.” Then he turned around and rushed out, leaving Li Liheng with a frustrated face.

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