BMPP Ch. 19.1

I Need a Recap

Big thank-you to Yuna for finishing the arc \(^∆^)/


During this period of time, Shao Ci lived a handicapped life. Every day, no matter what he did, he required assistance. Although in the beginning he felt all kinds of shame, he slowly became accustomed to it as time passed by. The human ability to easily adapt to the environment is truly frightening…

Finally, Shao Ci’s wound was almost healed and strength gradually returned to his body. But because he had been paralyzed in bed for so long, he still needed a period of rehabilitation to be able to successfully stand up.

Yu Shao was not unhappy; in fact, he was in extremely high spirits and was very helpful. Several times when Shao Ci was still lying in bed, he would always innocently remind Shao Ci just who it was that caused him to fall into this pitiful, bedridden state.

Originally, Shao Ci was a man with little willpower. But when he thought about how much he had offended Yin Han last time, he felt extremely embarrassed. If Yin Han were to come kill him after upgrading, he wouldn’t even have the chance to run away before he’d be ruthlessly killed! He’d be like a salted fish!*

*(T/N: salted fish = as good as dead)

Although it was unlikely that Yin Han would kill him… Shao Ci liked to think of the worst-case scenario so that he could mentally prepare himself. He was suddenly motivated to practice every day, and could finally barely manage to support himself with the wall and walk with crutches.

However, before Shao Ci could jump for joy in celebration, the last thing he had ever wanted happened.

It was a sunny day when Shao Ci was being pulled alongside Yu Shao for a walk outside. Shao Ci was walking with much difficulty step by step. He was exhausted and panting after a few steps, so he could only lean against Yu Shao for support.

Suddenly the air around them cooled down and Yu Shao’s expression changed. “Somebody’s coming.”

Shao Ci: “Ah?”

Then, black vines drilled out of the ground and were automatically woven into a chair. Shao Ci felt very comfortable and pleased when he sat on them.

…Wait, it’s not surprising that the vines had such a homely function!! The air was getting cold, right? Wasn’t this a unique scene before Yin Han’s appearance?! He still hasn’t recovered yet!

Shortly afterwards, Yin Han’s figure appeared in front of them. He seemed to have changed a little, but he didn’t look much different appearance-wise.

【Beep, beep, beep… The detected power is higher than the role of… According to the rules of the system, the capture target will be replaced. Replacement has been completed. The current capture target is Yin Han.】

“FML, it changed so quickly!” Shao Ci didn’t know whether it was because of the cold or because of nervousness that made his body tremble.

“You aren’t dead yet?” Yu Shao was standing protectively in front of Shao Ci, blocking him from view. He had a tone of blatant disapproval, “You’re lucky, but you won’t have that kind of luck this time. This time, even if Xiao Ci gege asks me again, I won’t let you flee.”

“That’s exactly what I think.” Yin Han said nonchalantly, “As long as I kill this monster, everything will be over.”

“It’s too much to call someone else a monster… And do you really have enough strength to defeat me?” Yu Shao slowly extended his hand.

Countless black vines emerged from the ground. Who knows how many corpses they’d absorbed as food? They looked even worse than before, they even had black barbs on them! Just by looking at them made one feel how painful one hit would be. For a moment, these vines completely surrounded Yin Han!

Although it still seemed that Yu Shao had the upper hand, Shao Ci knew who the victor and the loser of this battle would be due to the system’s prompt. Now the events were just playing out in accordance with the scheduled script.

Sure enough, the next moment, all of the vines’ surface were quickly covered in a layer of frost, unable to withstand the cold. Yin Han was completely unharmed, even the clothes on his body didn’t have a single scratch.

Yu Shao’s pupils shrank, and then he said calmly, as if nothing had happened: “It seems that you’ve gotten a lot better… But don’t think you can steal Xiao Ci gege from me. You’ll always be a loser in front of me.”

“It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t cut in.” Yin Han said, slowly extending his hand.

Countless cones of ice rose and rushed madly towards Yu Shao, who was standing in the middle. All of the mutant plants blocked by him froze directly under the attack of the cones and then turned into powder, which suddenly stabbed right through Yu Shao’s body.

In the moment he was stabbed by the ice cones, Yu Shao realized that he was not Yin Han’s opponent at all. He immediately changed his mind.

The next moment, on the vine chair where Shao Ci was sitting, a huge flower appeared. He was ready to do the same thing as when he first took Shao Ci away. As long as he took Shao Ci away first, he could get away later!

But just as the flower was about to wrap Shao Ci in, they were frozen directly by ice, and even the vine chair with Shao Ci were frozen to death.

“…” Although it was not supposed to be cold outside at this time, it was freezing! Shao Ci was forced to stand up against the wall next to him and sit down again in fear that he would suffer from possible hypothermia.

The winner and loser was quickly decided there. Yu Shao could not move under the pressure of the ice cones that had impaled him. All of the mutant plants he summoned could not withstand the cold power. They were all frozen to ice.

After all, Yin Han is the person who has the halo of the protagonist. No one could stop him from escalating to the final stage.

Shao Ci watched Yin Han coming towards him, and backed up a few steps in fright. The next moment, a sharp pain with ice came from his knee, which made him fall down to the ground directly. He even scraped his arm on the rough cement floor due to this! His body was totally powerless and he couldn’t move at all.

The sound of footsteps came closer and closer. Shao Ci’s body stiffened and he broke out in cold sweat. He didn’t know what kind of forlorn future lied ahead of him.

Yin Han squatted down to help Shao Ci up, and pulled his upper body into his arms. He said gently, “Why do you want to run away? Are you afraid of me?”

Shao Ci was frightened to death by Yin Han. He preferred Yin Han to beat him up, it was better than asking him slowly, “I, I am not afraid…”

“You’re lying, you’re obviously shaking this much.” Yin Han hugged the trembling Shao Ci, lowered his head, and planted a kiss on his forehead while looking at the wound on his arm. “Does the wound hurt? Don’t run away if it hurts. But then again, you won’t have a chance to run in the future.”

“Yes, I’m sorry…” In fact, Shao Ci didn’t feel much pain from his body under the shield of the system. His psychological pain, however, was far greater than his physical pain.

“Why apologize?” Yin Han faintly murmured, “Before, my own strength was not enough to protect you… But now I’m strong enough to keep you by my side. There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Shao Ci: “…” Whoa, Yin Han had completely blackened!

“Well, now it’s time to kill the monster that broke our relationship.” Yin Han turned around and slowly walked towards Yu Shao with Shao Ci in his arms.

Yu Shao’s body had been punctured by ice cones in many areas, and blood was constantly flowing out. He grinded his teeth and blankly stared in Shao Ci’s direction. Slowly, he reached out his hand. “Xiao Ci gege…”

“Shut up, what right do you have to say his name?” In the cold eyes of Yin Han, half of Yu Shao’s body was covered by frost in an instant, and his hand fell back weakly.

Shao Ci plucked up his courage and said, “Please don’t kill him…”

“Oh? Why?” Yin Han was not angry. He just looked at him with a smile. “Do I have any reason to let him go?”

“Because…” Shao Ci said, “If he dies, I will…”

“Yes.” Yin Han suddenly opened his mouth and took out a dagger made of ice and put it in Shao Ci’s hand. “As long as you use this dagger to penetrate his heart, I will let him go.” It was quite simple. Such a monster couldn’t possibly die even if its heart was destroyed.

Shao Ci: “!” Ah ah ah, Yin Han was definitely broken!! Now he had no choice but to carry out this task!

Shao Ci took the dagger and walked over with difficulty. He looked at Yu Shao, who was pale in front of him, and whispered, “I’m sorry…” He raised his hand and, hands trembling, pointed the knife of ice at Yu Shao’s chest.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t blame my Xiao Ci gege…” Yu Shao spoke in a low voice and held Shao’s hand within his own bloodstained hand. “But I hope you don’t blame me…”

Before Shao Ci understood what his last sentence meant, his hand that was holding the dagger was suddenly pushed down by Yu Shao and thrust into his heart! The dagger condensed from the ice was extremely sharp and easily pierced into the flesh and blood..

Yu Shao suddenly smiled and weakly glanced at Shao Ci: “It’s true that if I’m stabbed in the heart, I won’t die, but it’s better than being killed by someone else… I still want to be killed by Xiao Ci gege. I’m so selfish. Even if I die, I want to take my Xiao Ci gege with me…”

When his voice fell, Yu Shao suddenly broke free of the ice cones, bowed his head, and kissed Shao Ci’s lips. The next moment, a crystal nucleus with a bloody aroma was sent into Shao Ci’s mouth, quickly melting into a sweet liquid.

Wait… Where did this nucleus come from?

When Shao Ci realized what the nucleus might be, he opened his eyes in astonishment and stared at Yu Shao in disbelief.

After all of this, Yu Shao seemed to have lost all his strength and leaned weakly against Shao Ci’s body. “So, I will… with Xiao Ci gege… meld into one… how happy I am…”

Shao Ci was extremely frightened: “!”

After those last words, Yu Shao stopped moving. Shao Ci stretched out his hand and touched him. His body turned into numerous withered leaves, which dispersed as soon as the wind blew. He didn’t know if he was a zombie…

Shao Ci’s face contorted, and the dagger in his hand suddenly fell to the ground. The next moment, he felt a sharp pain in his waist and abdomen, as if something had taken root and sprouted in it… Because of the pain shielding effect of the system, Shao Ci didn’t feel any pain, but his body still subconsciously curled up, blood pouring continuously out of his mouth.

After Yu Shao’s death, no one could control the seeds of the vines. Although Shao Ci can heal himself with healing power, it just makes the pain last longer and has no meaning at all.

“Shao Ci?” Yin Han’s voice came, and then Shao Ci was embraced by Yin Han. His physical strength was rapidly decreasing. He opened his dimmed eyes and could faintly see Yin Han was saying something, but he could not hear clearly and had no energy to say a word.

The next moment, he felt more blood pour inside his mouth. Shao Ci, who was supposed to go to sleep like this, suddenly awakened for a moment. He was shocked to find that Yin Han had cut his own wrist and sent blood into his mouth.

“As long as you persevere, you will be alright…” I’m here now, how can you die?!

The blood of an ability user saves people to some extent, but it hurts the ability user’s power very much.

Shao Ci’s shocked eyes were wide open. It was totally unexpected that Yin Han would go this far for him! But the seeds in his body grew faster after absorbing the blood of the most powerful person. In a moment, Shao Ci coughed up more blood, and his consciousness faded away with Yin Han’s voice ringing in his ears.

【Task completion meets the eligibility criteria and detects that the host’s body is no longer able to survive. Opening the transmission channel to the next world….】

Shao Ci’s last thought was, ‘I hope that the next world will not be as troublesome…’

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