Sweet Tai Chi (淑女飘飘拳) by Tian Yi You Feng (天衣有风) Chapter 1 – Lady? To Hell with it! (第一章 淑女?见鬼了第一章 淑女?见鬼了)

Just saw the post on NU and decided to translate a chapter to see how it is.

In the art exhibition hall of CMFU Academy, there is an endless stream of people. In the most prominent position in the center of the exhibition hall, there is a Chinese painting that is two feet high by six feet long. The name of this painting is “Cold River for Fishing in the Snow” The picture is cold and lonely, the mood lingers , and the paper has quite a bit of empty space.

As the first place in the traditional calligraphy and painting competition, this painting deserves its name.

The scroll is against the wall and on the left side of the scroll, there is a nameplate with the identity of the artist:

CMFU Academy-Feng Piao Piao.

At this time, Feng Piao Piao was walking side by side with the organizer of this competition and her teacher, walking slowly from the promenade on the side of the exhibition hall.

It was early summer and the weather had turned hot. She was tall and slender, with long hair draped over her shoulders, wearing snow-white from head to toe, a sleeveless cheongsam. As she walked elegantly, only some knee and smooth legs could get seen.

Because of the arrival of the painter, many people in the exhibition hall looked at her and felt an extremely quiet awe at the moment when their eyes saw her beauty.

Her beautiful eyebrows were calm and peaceful, as if she had calmed and cleared the lake water for ten thousand years, and would remain so calm forever.

“Is that Feng Piao Piao?”

“Yes. It is said that the day she came to report, the shixiongs-in-charge of the CMFU Academy were foolish. They had never read the calligraphy books she brought and they knew they had to become more aware as soon as they looked at the title.”

Shixiong: senior male student

“She is not only the prettiest in CMFU Academy but is the most level-headed, do you know what everyone says about her in private? 100% lady.”

“The painting that won the first place in this contest is hers. Although it was only the first grade, she defeated the shixiongs and shijies.”

Shijie: senior female student

“Very impressive.”

The noise around her fell into her hearing but she was unmoved and did not even show a look of joy. She only changed from carrying the lilac handbag to one hand and continued to accompany the teacher forward.

The teacher who was over fifty years old also heard these words. They looked at Feng Piao Piao and found that she did not have a lot of expressions. Still calm as usual, they could not help but secretly applaud in their heart: Not proud or impetuous in success. This kind of temperament is now rare in the younger generation.

The two walked all the way to the center of the exhibition hall, stopped in front of Feng Piao Piao’s work, and suddenly a very calm voice came from the side: “Excuse me, since the painter is here, I have a little doubt.”

Feng Piao Piao turned her head gently and found that the girl was a girl who was one or two years older than her. She was very beautiful and had sharp eyes: “Please forgive me for taking the liberty, I also learned painting. Although I learned Western techniques, I believe that the arts are interlinked so I should be qualified to ask questions. Feng Piao Piao Xiao Mei, although your painting has no flaws in the artistic conception, but relative to your age, painting this artistic conception involves too many vicissitudes … “

Xiao mei: little sister/younger female

Her words were suddenly interrupted because she saw that Feng Piao Piao’s eyes that were calm like a lake quickly formed ripples.

Feng Piao Piao’s eyes were covered with a mist of water but she tried to smile and said: “Xue jie is right, in fact, I don’t want this …” After half of the words, she seemed to remember something, and quickly slightly leaned back, said, “I’m rude, sorry, I think I need to leave for a while. Teacher, goodbye.”

Xuejie: senior/older female student

In a hurry to say goodbye, she quickly left the development hall and the back view seemed to be extremely sad in the eyes of everyone.

“Poor thing, she must have some sad past.”

“Yes, she seems to be crying.”

The female senior was left alone to take everyone’s attention but she shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t feel it: “Look at what I do, I just tell the truth, they leave and go.”

As if running away, she quickly walked out of the painting and calligraphy exhibition hall and Feng Piao Piao released a long sigh of relief: “It’s dangerous, this xuejie’s eyes are good and I almost couldn’t pretend.”

Pretend? Yes, pretend.

Because that painting is not her work at all.

It’s a long story. The story has to be traced back to nearly a year ago. When she came to apply for the CMFU Academy, she finished her basic subject test and offered her paintings. At that time, she originally didn’t expect much, but later got an admission notice that gave her a high rating for her paintings. She was surprised to find that she had mistakenly given Grandpa’s paintings as her own.

In other words, CMFU Academy is not interested in her work.

If Feng Piao Piao is an upright person, she should immediately admit her mistakes and confess her leniency, but this is such a good school, with free study style, comfortable environment and excellent conditions, not to mention the excellent employment prospects. Feng Piao Piao made a decision at the moment and continued to cheat.

Although she had also studied painting, she couldn’t compare her Grandpa’s work.

Fortunately, the school does not require these art students to paint face-to-face, so that she can smoothly pass through the first year, and now it is June, about time to go on vacation. After the vacation, she will become a sophomore.

Feng Piao Piao took a book out of her handbag, and the cover of the book was printed with a line of twisted variants. It seemed that no one could understand it. While Feng Piaopiao was walking, she looked down and smiled with a slight expression. Pleasure.

In this way, she walked back to her own dormitory. The student dormitory in the academy is one person per room, equipped with toilet and bathroom, so that students have sufficient personal privacy and space.

Closing the door of the room, she put the book down and opened the book expressionlessly. Inside, “Short Comics” was on the page under the cover.

The so-called ladylike temperament in the eyes of others is actually a big misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding!

Translator’s Comments:

1. If anyone decides to pick this up, it seems pretty easy to put in the MTL and get a readable version. There are only some sentences like the painting name where you have to figure it out yourself.

2. The academy name confused me so much. It appears in the first line as CMFU Academy and later when I translate the name itself came up as Shengxiang Cultural Institution. Just a heads up for whoever picks it up.

3. It seems pretty funny so far. I would have thought that if someone cheated to get in, they would try to remain under the radar since that method of running away probably can’t always work.

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