Game 3


Image sources:


Bedroom image:

Street image:

Cafe image:

School gate image:

You throw yourself forward, past the school gate.

You stand up quickly.

You watch the other girl stand up and pick up her bag.

She walks away as Ino picks up your bag.

You both head to class.

Classroom image:

Where do you search first?’

Inner bag

Search again

Zipper pocket

Search again

Front pocket

You turn to Ino.

Ino looks over.

You point at the bag on the desk.

The teacher walks in and you quickly take the items from Ino.

You look up, questioningly.

You stand up and follow her.


You give Ino a look.

She bows slightly in apology. The class president nods before turning back to you.

The class president walks back into the class as you glare at Ino.

Ino makes a playful face.

–insert picture here–

She slips back into the class and you enter after her.

Sports hallway:

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