IHHA Ch. 83 Doomsday Counterattack (1)

I Need a Recap

“The host’s next mission world is “Doomsday Counterattack”, which has a task difficulty of six stars.”

Jiang Nian remembered that the difficulty of the last world was only four stars, now it directly upgraded to six stars.

After the turbulent rotation, Jiang Nian only felt that her body suddenly had a strong sense of heaviness and exhaustion. Not only was she tired, she also had an extremely sharp mechanical sound in her mind repeating: “Warning, warning! Host, the heroine aura is at 2!”

For a moment, the mechanical sound repeated again: “Emergency! Emergency! The host’s aura is 1, the host’s aura is 1!”

Zero means dead!

Jiang Nian suddenly woke up and at the same time, she found herself in danger.

They were now at the end of a deep alley. Ahead was a gray wall, about three meters high. Behind were as many as thirty-four bloody, irrational zombies chasing after them. They were surrounded!

Currently, there was a woman standing on Jiang Nian’s shoulder. She stepped on her to climb on the roof of the black van. As long as she stood on the roof of the van, they could climb over the wall and escape their current dilemma!

When Jiang Nian saw her go up, she immediately raised her hand and said, “Xiaoyue, hurry, pull me up!”

Yao Xiaoyue looked back at the zombie who was about to catch up and then at Jiang Nian before holding her injured arm in one hand. Her pale and beautiful face endured pain and said, “Jiang Nian, my arm is hurt. I don’t have the strength. It’s too late.”

Yao Xiaoyue gave Jiang Nian one look, ruthlessly turned away, climbed over the wall, and ran away.

Yao Xiaoyue was over the wall, without taking another look. Her flexible figure soon disappeared into the gray alley. What she needed to do now was find a place and quickly have the jade bracelet recognize her as owner with a drop of blood.

It was said that this jade bracelet was inherited from the Jiang family. Grandma Jiang, after her death, specially left it to Jiang Nian. In her previous life, Jiang Nian used this jade bracelet to survive in the apocalypse. Not only was she well-protected, she was even favoured by the people in charge of several major survivor bases. Normal people like Yao Xiaoyue could only work hard and fight for her life to earn points to exchange for goods and supplies.

Yao Xiaoyue always thought that it was because Jiang Nian’s healing ability was quite special. Who knew that later when an accident occurred and the whole base was besieged by zombies, they would have to flee with their lives. Many things were not brought with them and food naturally became scarce. At this time, she discovered that in addition to the healing power, Jiang Nian had a space ability to produce food out of thin air!

Dual abilities were rare in the world. There were hundreds of millions of survivors in China but no more than a thousand people with dual abilities.

She was shocked that Jiang Nian did not tell her about this matter. Sure enough, she did not regard her as a good friend. Later, by coincidence, she learned that Jiang Nian was not a space ability user at all but she had an ancestral jade. In the space of the jade bracelet, there was a spiritual field and a pool of spiritual springs, resources which had never been polluted, and the food planted was very helpful for ability users.

Yao Xiaoyue quickly found a house with an open door and she ran in to make sure it was safe before she took the jade bracelet out.

She exchanged her pendant for Jiang Nian’s jade bracelet last night. Jiang Nian was reluctant to do so but she agreed after she said a few more words and could only blame herself for being so weak.

Yao Xiaoyue almost couldn’t wait to pierce her fingertips and drop blood on it.


Jiang Nian watched the woman run away, dumbfounded. She had not received the plot so she did not know the grievance between her and Yao Xiaoyue. She thought that her aura value had fallen below 1 because she was driven to a dead end by the zombies. Now, it seems that this woman was intentional.

She didn’t have much time to think about it. She immediately took out the strength pill she had exchanged beforehand and ate it. With the strength pill, it was much easier to climb the van.

Just as she was about to escape, the door of the van opened. Jiang Nian saw a little boy wrapped in a large suit jacket, about seven or eight years old, whose face was so dirty only his round eyes could be seen. He looked at her with horror and fear, shrinking back as if signaling her to hide.

Where else could they hide now? She was afraid that the car would be demolished. Even if the car barely protected them, they would starve to death here. Now the only way was to climb to the roof and climb over the wall to escape.

Jiang Nian didn’t have much time to think about it. She grabbed the little boy’s hand and pushed him onto the roof like a baby chick before using the car window to help push herself up. At this moment, the zombies had reached their feet and stretched out their hands to catch them. The vehicle started to shake as the fresh flesh made them crazy.

The little boy panicked and grabbed Jiang Nian’s clothes.

Jiang Nian said, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll send you up. Be careful not to fall.”

The little boy nodded heavily: “Hmm!”

Jiang Nian pushed him up and watched the child climb on the wall. She also climbed up. As soon as she saw that the other side was safe, she turned around and jumped down. “Hurry, jump down!”

On the other side, the little boy also turned around and hung off the wall before jumping down to Jiang Nian, who helped him to the ground.

Although she was safe for the time being, Jiang Nian also knew that she must find a place to receive the plot so that she can know how to proceed. Now the only relief to Jiang Nian was that her heroine aura has risen a little bit from one to two, barely surviving the crisis.

On this side of the wall was a high-end residential district with four-story single-family houses. Because it was too quiet, it seemed to have been evacuated. Jiang Nian and her child found a nearby house that looked safe and climb over the wall. The room looked a little messy but there was no mold or smell of blood. It should be that the family left in a hurry and didn’t have time to take away a lot of things.

Jiang Nian found several boxes of mineral water and milk in the kitchen. She took a carton of milk to drink and threw one to the dirty child.

“What’s your name? Why were you in the car?”

The child was dirty and drank up several mouthfuls of milk. He looked at her and whispered, “My name is Shen Ran. My uncle and I were originally going to the airport but there was a traffic jam on the road and there were some situations where we tried to make a detour. My uncle was scratched accidentally and he hid me in the van to protect me.”

“How long have you been hiding in the van?”

“…Three days. “

In the past three days, he relied on a bottle of water and some chocolate biscuits left to him by his uncle. He only ate a little when he was very hungry. He also tried to go out but he was stopped every time he went out and he was even more afraid that the uncle would not be able to find him when he came back.

Now it seemed that there was no return.

Jiang Nian said, “Find yourself some clothes, get a basin with water, and wash yourself clean.”

Shen Ran hummed.

Jiang Nian also wanted to change her clothes. She hugged Shen Ran and they smelled of him. It was really stinky. Shen Ran could have hidden there unharmed forever but she was afraid that his uncle left him behind intentionally.

Jiang Nian found women’s clothes upstairs, changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater, and began to receive the plot.

It was only then that she realized that she had come to an apocalyptic world.

The original host, Jiang Nian, was an ordinary female college student. When the end of the world started, she and Yao Xiaoyue were out shopping. Following the flow of people, they hid in a shopping mall. After hiding in the mall for a few days, they finally got in touch with their classmates. Originally, they decided to join their classmates and then think of a way to survive together. They would then form groups to either go home or go directly to the imperial capital. After all, the capital is the head of the country and should be the safest place.

At this time, it was the beginning of the outbreak and there were still pedestrians on the street.

Today, the group agreed to meet at the highway intersection. Last night, Yao Xiaoyue said that it was the end of the world and that they were best friends. To celebrate their friendship from womb to adulthood, she proposed to exchange her jade pendant with Jiang Nian’s jade bracelet.

The original host didn’t want to. After all, it was something her grandmother left her. Yao Xiaoyue cried, “Nian Nian, it is now the end of the world. When we go outside tomorrow, who knows if we can live. Now I only have you and you only have me. I want to have something of yours. It’s like having you by my side. Then, even if I die, I won’t be afraid!”

Of course, people who took refuge there urged them to, envying the relationship between her and Yao Xiaoyue. As she spoke, Yao Xiaoyue cried sadly. As Jiang Nian hadn’t gotten in touch with her family yet and their future was uncertain…she finally gave the jade bracelet to Yao Xiaoyue.

Not even waiting until the next day, Yao Xiaoyue was the first person to abandon her.

In the previous life, the original host was indeed dead. She didn’t have time to climb to the roof of the car but Shen Ran opened the door, let her hide inside, and then they died together in that van. Yao Xiaoyue was different. She had the the dual abilities of water and space. Receiving the attention of her classmates became the starting point of her life of luxury.

The timing of Jiang Nian’s visit was not a coincidence. Just when Yao Xiaoyue climbed up, she escaped before she figured out the situation. No wonder the task this time was six stars. Even the world had become dangerous after the upgrade of the main god system.

After receiving the plot, Jiang Nian thought that no matter who arrived first, their classmates would only wait until tomorrow to avoid unexpected delays.

Yao Xiaoyue will go to the meeting spot. Naturally, Jiang Nian wouldn’t let this opportunity go. How would she get the jade bracelet back? Even if the jade had already recognized an owner, she could not let Yao Xiaoyue off lightly.

As she was thinking, Shen Ran suddenly knocked on the door. He was clever and whispered: “Sister Jiang, I boiled two cups of instant noodles, do you want to eat?”

Of course Jiang Nian was going to eat!

The largest meal!

Jiang Nian found that not only was Shen Ran small, he was really small. After he cleaned himself up, he also collected the leftover food from around the house, putting two ham sausages into the instant noodles. Jiang Nian hurried to eat it and felt that her stomach was quite comfortable.

Shen Ran also finished the instant noodles in a few mouthfuls and said, “Sister Jiang, where are we going next? I’ve heard a lot of people talking about going to the capital where the military protection is the most. Are you going?”

The capital was definitely the place to go but Yao Xiaoyue must be resolved and she had to go to City C to find her parents and younger brother. She was unable to get in contact with them but nothing would have happened. Now this is the first part of the outbreak. It was not until the second outbreak that about 1 in 10 people worldwide were infected with the virus and the chaos really started.

In such a chaotic period, going to the capital was the choice of most people.

Jiang Nian said, “Let’s rest today and leave early tomorrow morning. I’m going to find a friend of mine.”

Because she was leaving the next day, Jiang Nian found a man’s backpack and gave it to Shen Ran, asked him to pack some water and fast food, and write a thank-you note. “I’ll go out for a while and come back later.”

Shen Ran was a little worried while holding his backpack: “Sister Jiang, where are you going?”

With that nervous appearance, he seemed to be afraid that Jiang Nien would abandon him.

Jiang Nian smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

This kid had more conscience than Yao Xiaoyue. He had helped her in two lives and Jiang Nian couldn’t really leave the child here. It would be too heartless.

“Don’t forget the thank-you note. I’ll check it when I get back. By the way, if someone comes, don’t open the door. Wait until till I get back. “

Shen Ran obediently nodded and said, “I know.” It was not until Jiang Nian climbed over the wall that he turned to continue filling the backpack with food. This was Jiang Nian’s trust in him. He knew that since the outbreak of the virus, the world had changed. Money was no longer the top priority and food had become the object of competition. Jiang Nian naturally trusted him if she left him to handle such an important matter.

Jiang Nian climbed over the wall and picked up the club she had seen when she first passed. She was going to go stockpile some food.


Early the next morning, Jiang Nian and Shen Ran set off. At the same time, Yao Xiaoyue stayed up all night. She found that this jade bracelet was really magical. Not only there were fields and springs but also a log cabin to rest. She could even fit a villa in the space. Anyways, the likelihood that the house’s owner would return was low. She would make the best use of it.

But this was not enough. If only she could have been reborn a few days earlier, then she can go to the supermarket to collect supplies, collect more grain seeds, or grow some vegetables and fruits. It became too difficult to find these things in the last days. One apple can reach the point where no amount of money was worth exchanging it for. Now with this spring, what else could she worried about?

The only bad thing was that this jade pendant had no other ability except planting and storage. It had no mysterious training books. Her water ability had not yet awakened. It would be a pity if she could not use the spring to advance.

She woke up early in the morning and opened the garage, starting the jeep with the car key she found in the house. She was now going to find the rest of her class at the meeting spot. Fortunately, it is not far, otherwise she really might not be able to handle it.

After many hardships, she finally arrived at two o’clock in the afternoon. The jeep had long been scrapped and exchanged with another battered car. What made her happy was that the group was still there. There were more than a dozen classmates with the class monitor and a few from other departments. There were about twenty people in all.

The class monitor was very excited when he saw Yao Xiaoyue: “I thought you were coming. What about Jiang Nian? She’s not with you?”

Yao Xiaoyue’s face stiffened and her eyes turned red: “Jiang Nian, we encountered zombies on our way… I’m sorry, she was only trying to protect me… I really wanted to die with her, but thinking that my life was saved by her, I could not allow myself to die. I will stay alive and even live her share!”

She looked like she was trying to be strong.

The class monitor’s face was also white. He still understood the meaning of Yao Xiaoyue’s words. His eyes were red. “Did she have any last words?”

Yao Xiaoyue shook her head and said, “No, it’s too late…”

The class monitor turned around: “You have a rest first, let’s discuss and leave tomorrow.”

Now they were lodging at a gas station with a service station next to it. It was quite noisy as there were more people besides their group, queing up to get on the highway. 

Yao Xiaoyue was quickly surrounded by the girls and asked how she survived on the road these days. Although they were sorry about Jiang Nian, no one doubted what Yao Xiaoyue said.

Yao Xiaoyue let out a sigh of relief and finally relaxed, she was worried that these people would ask more, otherwise she could not explain. But they were not as close with Jiang Nian. Who would care so much about the death of an outsider?

Who knew, in the next second, she suddenly heard a voice and shouted excitedly: “Xiaoyue? Xiaoyue!”

…This voice was so familiar? No, it can’t be her.

Yao Xiaoyue turned back suddenly and saw Jiang Nian riding a motorcycle and sitting behind her was a little boy with a big backpack!

She was dumbfounded!

…Jiang Nian? Jiang Nian? ! How is this possible? ? How could Jiang Nian, who was supposed to be dead, appear here?

Jiang Nian jumped off the motorcycle and helped the child down with one hand. She walked over and said, “Xiaoyue, you stepped on my shoulder to escape. Instead of being grateful, you said you couldn’t give me a hand and gave me up to live well. How does your conscience feel?”

Jiang Nian said: “Xiaoyue, when you see me now, have you recovered your lost conscience? Are you happy to see me alive and well?”

Yao Xiaoyue was shocked and a few girls who had been greeting her stepped back.

Shen Ran, who was standing next to Jiang Nian, stared sullenly at Yao Xiaoyue.

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