IHHA Ch. 84 Doomsday Counterattack (2)

I Need a Recap

Yao Xiaoyue never thought that Jiang Nian would be alive!

Because, Jiang Nian was a spoiled little princess who had never suffered any hardships or trials. She was a delicate flower raised in a greenhouse, even a little wind and rain could make her sway. After the virus broke out, she cried several times. Now, she doesn’t even have the jade to protect herself. How could she have survived the situation yesterday?

She was too anxious to possess the jade and she couldn’t bear to watch Jiang Nian die in front of her so she didn’t stay to confirm what happened to Jiang Nian. When she saw the suspecting looks the others were giving her, she inevitably panicked.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, the world was chaotic and humanity was unconstrained. How dangerous was it for a girl to be on the road? She always knew that she would have to do some hard work, even get blood on her hands. However, at this time, her abilities had not been activated. Sticking with classmates and using them to protect herself was the best choice for the moment.

Now, Jiang Nian not only did not die but also took the initiative to show up and the words she said broke the effect she created!

She saw her classmates whispering and pointing at them. Apparently, Jiang Nian’s words were taken to heart and they began to doubt her.

No, not like this.

Yao Xiaoyue explained calmly: “Jiang Nian, you misunderstood, I was terrified at that time and I was too scared to think about the situation at the time. I did not want to give up on you! We have known each other for so long. Don’t you know me? I’m at ease now that I can see you.”

Jiang Nian gave a meaningful smile.

Shen Ran’s crisp voice said: “I saw it with my own eyes. When you stepped on Sister Jiang’s shoulder and climbed onto the van. When Sister Jiang asked you to pull her up, you not only did not pull her but you escaped over the wall by yourself! The time was obviously enough, you just didn’t want Sister Jiang to go up.”

Yao Xiaoyue gave Shen Ran a gloomy look and said: “Jiang Nian and I don’t need you to intervene, what happened was only between me and her. Jiang Nian misunderstood me and thinks that I gave up on her. I have nothing to say, I only know that I have a clear conscience! Don’t talk nonsense as a little kid who doesn’t understand anything!”

Shen Ran pouted: “I was hiding in the van at that time. I saw with my own eyes and know what I heard. Why is that nonsense?”

Yao Xiaoyue wondered, Shen Ran was in the van?

Jiang Nian patted Shen Ran’s head: “Xiao Ran, you have to understand people. Isn’t it right to give up a friend or two in order to protect yourself in a crisis? What is this called? This is called a last resort! I understand, I could understand.”

Shen Ran nodded incomprehensiblely: “Oh! If you have to give up your friends before the critical moment, then this was not a last resort. Wasn’t this having the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog? (1) Sister Jiang, I don’t like such friends. I will be farther away from her in the future. But I like Sister Jiang. Yesterday, Sister Jiang helped me to the top of the van, took me over the wall to escape, and also found food for me. Sister Jiang is a good person!”

Yao Xiaoyue’s face stiffened and the person standing next to her immediately took a few steps back.

“No, when Yao Xiaoyue came back, she said that Jiang Nian died to save her and that she wanted to live well for Jiang Nian!”

“Yeah, She didn’t expect someone so soft and weak-looking to be so terrible.”

“Yao Xiaoyue and Jiang Nian looked like good friends because they were in the same bedroom and class. I usually watch the two of them walk together. I didn’t expect her to do this kind of thing. I think we should stay away from her. “

“Too scary, maybe you will also get a knife in your back!”

“Jiang Nian seems to be a good person. It’s not easy to save a little kid after being abandoned…”


Jiang Nian had to admire this clever kid. He completely grasped her art of speaking, worthy of praise and encouragement!

Shen Ran looked at Jiang Nianxiao quietly and simply, without noticing Yao Xiaoyue’s gloomy look.

The class monitor turned around and saw that the situation was tense. He was shocked and surprised by the appearance of Jiang Nian. Yao Xiaoyue’s words were still ringing in his ears. He excitedly stepped forward and said: “Jiang Nian, you are not dead, that’s great!”

Jiang Nian glanced at Yao Xiaoyue and said, “Yeah, I’m still alive. How can I die and let Xiaoyue’s conscience be at peace?”

Yao Xiaoyue’s fists clenched tightly and now, even if she had a hundred mouths,  she couldn’t dispute!

Jiang Nian spoke again: “And Xiaoyue may have misunderstood me. Although I am very great and kind-hearted, I will never give up my chance to live for Xiaoyue. After all, Xiaoyue is just like that, not worth it. “

The class monitor froze: “………???”

Yao Xiaoyue: “…………!!!”

The class monitor looked back at Yao Xiaoyue and thought deeply. Obviously, what Yao Xiaoyue had said before was not true. She said that Jiang Nian died to save her but Jiang Nian appeared to say that she deliberately left her alone to die. Jiang Nian knelt down and was used by her as a stepping stone to climb the van to escape but not only was she not grateful, she was reluctant to pull one person up, turned around and ran away. What did she say? Was this a person?

Today was the early stage of the virus outbreak and morality in human nature still occupied an important position. Yao Xiaoyue’s approach was too disappointing and it made people feel terrible. Friends who get along so well, it should not be so easy to abandon the other person.

Yao Xiaoyue groaned in her heart, she had wanted to use the abilities of the class monitor and classmates to protect herself. However, this method would not work anymore.

Today, it was better to find another way than to stay. She would have an ability and for now, she had a space in the jade bracelet. She also knew the future and direction the apocalypse would take, she could live without them.

She lifted her chin: “I know, you don’t want to believe what I say now, and since that’s the case, then I will leave.”

She turned to leave and Jiang Nian immediately said: “Wait.”

Yao Xiaoyue looked back at her, Jiang Nian stepped forward, took out the jade pendant from the pocket of the sweater and said, “Xiaoyue, you said this is the gift that your mother bought you for becoming an adult. You take it and give me back my grandma’s jade that we exchanged to show our sincere feelings. Now that you stepped on me to make a living, I don’t think we need to exchange to prove your feelings, right?”

Yao Xiaoyue stepped back almost immediately and warned: “What do you mean?”

Jiang Nian puzzled: “What do I mean? Xiaoyue, I can’t help but be kind to you. You see, I not only helped you find your lost conscience since I also understand that you gave me up for escape at a critical moment. There are really not many people like me who understand so much righteousness. Can’t you understand my love for my grandma? Besides, you are like roadside shit to me now. Your bracelet means nothing to me and it’s definitely not as important as my grandmother’s jade. I won’t exchange it. I want to get my own things back.”

How could Yao Xiaoyue agree? This jade pendant was now in her hand. She had recognized as the owner, how could she return it to Jiang Nian?

“Your jade bracelet was lost by accident yesterday. I can compensate you. I will pay you back when I find a suitable jade bracelet. If you don’t trust me, you can take my pendant with you as compensation.”

As she finished speaking, she suddenly felt a pain in her wrist, and her whole body softened so much that she knelt on the ground! 

——Jiang Nian unexpectedly grabbed her wrist!

Yao Xiaoyue looked up at Jiang Nian, startled, “What are you doing, Jiang Nian?!”

Jiang Nian looked at her and glanced at her neck. Yao Xiaoyue panicked, she tried to cover the jade on her chest but Jiang Nian was faster than her and she pulled the red string hidden under her collar with one finger. With a heavy pull, the string broke!

Yao Xiaoyue felt that her neck’s skin had been broken by the friction of the rope. She must have bleed. Once again, the jade ended up in Jiang Nian’s hand. She raised her hand to grab it. Jiang Nian slapped her hand away. She fell back to the ground, Jiang Nian stepped back, and the jade pendant was thrown on Yao Xiaoyue.

Jiang Nian looked at her and said coldly, “Mine is mine, no one wants to touch your hands and your things are not rare.”

Yao Xiaoyue finally recovered from shock. The Jiang Nian in front of her seemed to be very different from the Jiang Nian in her memory. She seemed to have changed and yet, it seemed that she hadn’t. She would not be so cold to her so directly. More importantly, her strength was so great that when she is holding her wrist, she was unable to fight back at all!

She looked at the jade in Jiang Nian’s hands extremely reluctantly and said, “Jian Nian, you give me back the jade! Why are you doing this to me?”

Jiang Nian said: “Isn’t it because of you? Thank you for letting me know what makes people become sinister! Thank you for making me as hard-hearted as I am today. In the future, my strength will have a contribution from you. Rest assured, I will not forget you, you are a mentor in my life. Besides, this is my jade, not yours.”


Yao Xiaoyue gritted her teeth and climbed up from the ground with pain. She was extremely annoyed and embarrassed, not only because Jiang Nian was too much but also because she was embarrassed by the feeling of the onlookers. She left too early, she should have confirmed that Jiang Nian was dead before leaving. Now that the jade had been taken away, how could she find a way to get the jade back?

By the way, the jade had been taken over by her as master. Even if Jiang Nian took it back, wouldn’t the jade’s secret be discovered?

The class monitor looked at Yao Xiaoyue and said: “The jade bracelet was originally Jiang Nian’s and you shouldn’t make trouble now that you are sorry that she came back alive.”

Yao Xiaoyue glared at the class monitor and chuckled. Although the healing power was very special, she has been in a logistical position because she had no combat ability. When she awakens the water ability, the jade would be hers!

Jiang Nian looked at Yao Xiaoyue and knew what she was thinking. She smiled: “Yes, there is one more thing to thank Xiaoyue for.”

For a moment, the eyes that fell on Yao Xiaoyue gathered on Jiang Nian again.

Jiang Nian said: “Aren’t you curious about how we escaped from death yesterday?”

“…Yeah, how did you escape?”

“Thanks to Xiaoyue being too heavy and I had been thinking that could I support her climbing the van if I had more strength, I got more strength and Xiaoyue was able to get on the van. It’s such a coincidence but I actually awakened a strength ability!”

Yao Xiaoyue was shocked: “………?!”

Even the classmates around were surprised: “…………!!!”

…So an ability is awakened? ! This was too casual!

Yao Xiaoyue’s mouth became a frown!


In the current situation, it was impossible for Yao Xiaoyue to stay since the classmates could no longer trust and accept her. Who would be willing to trust someone who betrayed a friend?

Yao Xiaoyue had no choice but to walk away in vain.

Shen Ran coldly watched Yao Xiaoyue go away, somewhat unwilling. This woman was too bad and what was even worse was that she did not repent after almost killing others. She did not even feel guilty but instead looked normal. With regards to her vicious nature, he was afraid that it would be seen again in the future.

Jiang Nian patted Shen Ran’s head and Shen Ran immediately smiled.

Yao Xiaoyue didn’t go far. She had to find another suitable team to go to the capital together. She certainly wouldn’t be able to survive alone. What’s more, she didn’t even have the jade now to pretend she had a space ability. What’s more important was only a little food was deliberately packed in the backpack for people’s eyes. The reallu good things were put into the jade space by her and robbed by Jiang Nian!

The more she thought, the more unwilling she was, and secretly angry. That Jiang Nian, in her last life, had only awakened healing powers, how did her abilities awaken so early in this life? But single abilities were more common, and there is no special way to get more. Hopefully, she still only awakened one power in this life, so today’s struggles would not be in vain.

A lot of people and cars were blocking the high-speed intersection and even the roadside was full of people. These people were mostly families with a few people into a group. Carrying a backpack with food and full of panic and anxiety, Yao Xiaoyue narrowed her eyes to find a suitable partner in the crowd.

She looked far away and suddenly saw a man on the side of the road. He stepped on a stone, his face was handsome, his black hair was short, his arms were long, and there was a cigarette in his mouth.

“Brother Yue, the front is heavily blocked, how can we get there?”

Qin Yue.

A rare dual ability user in the apocalypse, one of the strongest in the future.

She had the honour to see him several times, not only because he was too strong, but also because he had found Jiang Nian. At that time, she was also with Jiang Nian but the strong man didn’t care about anyone except Jiang Nian to ask her to save his teammates.

And his team was not to be underestimated. At that time, even a lackey under him would be treated with respect.

If she can form a relationship with him at this time and become a powerhouse with him…

Yao Xiaoyue thought and walked over.

(1): cold-hearted and cruel person

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