IHHA Ch. 85 Doomsday Counterattack (3)

I Need a Recap

She had heard that Qin Yue had dozens of auto repair shops before the apocalypse began. After he made a fortune, he opened several business one after another, selling cars and real estate. Since the business was doing well, he also hired a bunch of brothers as his staff, of course. Many modified off-road vehicles, especially suitable for long-distance trekking and endurance.

At the place where he was standing now, there were only about seven or eight off-road cars and there were a few big tents on the grass beside the cars. In addition to the strong men, there were some old people, women, and children, who were sitting to take a moment’s rest. Yao Xiaoyue had long heard that Qin Yue was generous, even the family members of his opponents were extremely well-cared for and the welfare in the latter part of the apocalypse was also very good so that many people wanted to join Qin Yue’s team.

Of course, although Qin Yue was powerful, he was also very wary and it was even more difficult to gain his trust.

Yao Xiaoyue remembered that she had greeted Qin Yue in her previous life and she only got a nod. She was still friends with Jiang Nian then so she knew better that if she wanted to get Qin Yue’s approval, it was very hard to do. Fortunately, at the beginning of the apocalypse, Qin Yue was just an unknown junior. She wouldn’t be considered as having an ulterior motive when she was close to him. It could only be said that she was a lonely and helpless girl eager to find a shelter.

Moreover, Qin Yue’s power was a little late in developing and she heard that he also experienced a brother’s betrayal. It was only after this trial by fire that he finally built a team that he really fully trusted. At that time, if she was with him, she would definitely be impressive.
Of course, Qin Yue’s personality was very strange, she was afraid she had to start with the people around him.

Yao Xiaoyue tied her hair into a ponytail, unbuttoned the shirt collar to reveal the scar on her neck that was caused by pulling on the red string, and then held out a hand as she walked towards Qin Yue.

“Hello, are you going to the Imperial Capital? If you can, can you take me for a ride?”

Qin Yue turned his head and saw that the woman standing in front of him seemed to have been bullied. Wu Jiang on the side suddenly saw Yao Xiaoyue. He was shocked for a moment. Yao Xiaoyue was only 20 years old at this time but she looked very good and her temperament was cold. The pale cheeks and the extremely stubborn look are very attractive, not to mention that she is still injured, making her naturally more pitiful.

Qin Yue glanced at her and didn’t speak. Wu Jiang looked at Qin Yue and smiled: “Do you want to go to the Imperial Capital with us? Why didn’t you go with your friends? We are strangers, is a girl like you not afraid?”

Yao Xiaoyue reluctantly smiled bitterly: “I know that you may not trust me but I have no other ideas, just want to go to the imperial capital to meet my family. Not to mention that you do not seem like a bad guy, I believe in my intuition. I can also tell you about myself, I’m not a local. My name is Yao Xiaoyue. I’m a student of Fuda University. I just went into sophomore year. When the virus broke out, I happened to go shopping with my friends. We hid together for a few days and made an appointment. I’m going to the Imperial Capital together, but… some bad things happened on the way. I couldn’t get a ticket to go by plane so I had to find a way to go back.”

With that said, Yao Xiaoyue took out her student ID from her bag and handed it to Qin Yue and Wu Jiang. Qin Yue didn’t pick it up. Wu Jiang picked it up. At first glance, Yao Xiaoyue was really a senior student of Fuda University. Looking at Yao Xiaoyue’s situation now, he was afraid that it was really unsafe for a girl to travel in such a mess.

What’s more, the situation was chaotic. There were few railways in Tongtong. The railway stations and airports were occupied by the government. Tickets and train tickets have long been stopped selling a few days ago, unless it is was for someone of power or the family members of military and political personnel, only they were eligible to get a ticket and receive priority to evacuate while ordinary people can only rely on themselves.

Although it was said that after a few days of chaos, the situation was under some control and some soldiers started to maintain law and order, they also said that a security station was already being established but smart people know that this is only temporary, and now they finding good shelters was the best way. When the virus breaks out to an unmanageable level in the later period and goes beyond human control, it would be too late to go.

Wu Jiang said, “Brother Yue, do you think we should take her?”

Quickly, Yao Xiaoyue added: “You can rest assured that I have learned some self-defense techniques and I have some food in my backpack. I just want a partner to go on the road together. I don’t need you to take special care of me and I won’t drag on your hind legs!” (1)


Qin Yue took out a cigarette and said, “How did you get injured? Is it related to the accident on your way?”

At a glance, the injury on Yao Xiaoyue was man-made. Facing Qin Yue’s question, Yao Xiaoyue looked down, very sad: “The injury on my body was caused by my friend… Maybe it was because she was too scared, she suspected that I wanted to hurt her and doesn’t trust me anymore, she took away my jade… I wasn’t able to handle it. Although I can throw punches and some kung fu, my friend awakened a strength ability. She became too strong and then I endured until I was able to find a chance to leave.”

Qin Yue glanced at Yao Xiaoyue’s wound again. The wound had not scabbed but the blood stains had solidified and there were also fingerprints on the wrist showing that she had been gripped with force.

After listening to this, Wu Jiang said with emotion: “Your friend is too bad, you are really unlucky, but now that the world is in chaos, the bad guys don’t need to disguise themselves any longer. In the past few days, I have seen many people push their companions out to escape. It’s not easy for you to survive after being pushed into the tiger’s mouth. Yue ge, don’t you think we can take one more person?”

Yao Xiaoyue immediately echoed: “I promise I won’t add to your problems! And maybe I can help if necessary? My family is local to the imperial capital, I just want to go back and join them soon!”

She behaved extremely sincerely, making people unable to find faults.

After living for so long in her past life, she had learned to disguise herself. If Jiang Nian hadn’t happened, her lies might not have been exposed.

Qin Yue said: “You said that your friend awakened the strength ability?”

Yao Xiaoyue was stunned and there was a little jealousy in her heart. Qin Yue cared about the power that Jiang Nian inspired? Shouldn’t he have pity on her like Wu Jiang?

“Yes, she suddenly became very powerful.” Yao Xiaoyue raised her wrist and said, “It was her that hurt my wrist.”

There was a lot of talk now. In addition to the tragic debate about the virus outbreak, more people were saying that the virus outbreak would not only make some people become irrational and hunger for fresh blood but also stimulate the body to awaken hidden abilities, such as manipulating fire, water, and lightning!

This news had long spread. Before the network connection was disconnected, some people uploaded videos of their manipulation of fire, electricity, water, and lightning on major social platforms. Of course, some said that their speed suddenly became very fast. For others, either the ears becane sensitive and can hear far away sounds or the sense of smell and sight…

Humans were evolving.

The world was chaotic and dangerous today but humans also have the opportunity to gain more power to protect themselves.

Qin Yue looked at the wound on Yao Xiaoyue’s wrist and said, “Then, do you know how your friend awakened her abilities?”

Yao Xiaoyue pondered for a moment and said seriously: “Although I have been with her for the past five days, I am too nervous. I need to think carefully about whether she has done anything special. Will you tell me if you understand? I’m afraid that if I’m wrong, it’ll bring you danger.”

Wu Jiang looked at Yao Xiaoyue.

Qin Yue laughed and said to Wu Jiang: “You take Yao Xiaoyue to rest, I will arrange something later.”

Yao Xiaoyue said happily: “Thank you, Yue ge.”

Wu Jiang asked Yao Xiaoyue to stay with the girlfriends of several other brothers. If she had anything, she could go to him. It was very chaotic now and he advised her not walk around and take a rest. When the arrangements were made, he went back to Qin Yue.

“Brother Yue, what’s the matter?”

“Yao Xiaoyue is all arranged?”

“Well, she said she was tired and decided to rest in the car.”

Qin Yue nodded.

He had heard about abilities long ago but unfortunately he hadn’t felt anything at all and no one in his team had awakened abilities either. Now abilities were extremely rare. If he couldn’t awaken abilities or others in his team awakened first, then he was afraid that he couldn’t keep his current position and he can only take orders from others.

The way to activate the power seemed to be extremely secret. Some people say that it was sudden and some people did not notice at first when they awakened. It was not easy to talk about it to outsiders. Obviously, they want to take advantage of the troubled times to make some achievements. Only their own people would share their experiences.

Most men occupying the rest area were his men. Only those who they trust were eligible to enter. Of course, even if they trust them, they must be strong and have potential. Old, weak and sick, they don’t want to take a look.

The world changed. Qin Yue wanted to protect his family and he naturally wanted to awaken his abulities like his trusted brothers.

Officials were not sure about how to awaken abilities.

As for Yao Xiaoyue…

What the woman said was full of flaws: saying that she was bullied by a friend but from the wound, he could see that something was separated from her neck by her friend and if she was being bullied, how could she still leave with a backpack of food? This means that the water in her words was very high. (2)

Later, Yao Xiaoyue might actually force him to let her stay her by exchanging the method of awakening for a cooperation.


Jiang Nian took out the jade pendant and played around with it. She looked closely and found that the jade bracelet was high in jade quality and transparency but other than that, she really couldn’t see anything special. Although nothing special could be seen, Yao Xiaoyue had definitely lost blood. If she also dripped blood on it now, could this jade space still be used by her?

Jiang Nian glanced at her shaky halo of only 10 points and she was really afraid to take the risk.

“Sister Jiang.”


Shen Ran handed over a piece of tissue, “Do you think this jade is dirty? I can wipe it for you!”

Jiang Nian patted Shen Ran’s head, really a cutie.

She took the tissue, wiped it herself, took the red string off and threw it before stuffing the jade into her pocket. Wait to find a better chance.

Besides the jade, many students came to ask Jiang Nian’s experience of awakening an ability.

During the first virus outbreak, there were not many people who awakened abilities. Most people only really stimulated abilities in the second virus outbreak half a month later.

The class monitor said: “Jiang Nian, tell us again how you awakened an ability? Are you really get it just by thinking about it?”

“Yes, Jiang Nian, you teach us quickly, we also want to have abilities, so that we can protect ourselves!”

“This way we no longer have to be chased to escape, I can get home earlier!”

Jiang Nian’s ability came from her cheats and there was no definite guarantee of stimulating abilities later but she knew a method of cultivation. Was she going to start accepting disciples as a female master now???

At the same time, Yao Xiaoyue was taking a break to meditate in the car, hoping to stimulate her water ability as soon as possible.

1: be extra baggage
2: overstatement

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