IHHA Ch. 86 Doomsday Counterattack (4)

I Need a Recap

The reason why the apocalypse happened was only revealed a few years later. It was said that the air was filled with a harmful substance causing the virus. This virus would then enter the human body unnoticed and transform the structure of the human body. This change could either be good and bad. Those who could adapt would either continue to be ordinary humans or become ability users while those who can’t adapt can only be swallowed by virus to become zombies.

As this substance hangs in the air, no one can destroy it and it will continue to make the ability users and zombies more powerful. 

Now was the first stage of the virus outbreak. The virus contained in the air was very little. When the second wave of the virus happens, the virus would spread rapidly and humans around the world would face even more terrible disasters.

At this time, gaining an ability had become the top priority of everyone’s concern.

Unfortunately, even in later times, there was still uncertainty about how to stimulate abilities. 

But one thing was certain: a few years after the apocalypse began, officials gave a clear method on how to train abilities. It took alot of research and experience of scientists and ability users to create the method of practicing and improving their abilities. Before that, there was no definite method of ability training. You could only improve yourself by fighting and training otherwise you were on your own but fighting and training were not constant. With this safe and scientific method of cultivation, upgrading abilities became much easier and safer, which improved the chances for human survival.

As soon as the practice method was announced, it caused all the ability users to be in an uproar and follow suit. After that, the ability users advanced particularly fast.

And this method had the same effect as the ancient Chinese military practice of internal strength, that is, meditation. The military department summed up the method in the book “Twelve Stages of Ability Cultivation”, which recorded a total of twelve paragraphs of practice methods. The first paragraph was “Close your eyes, empty your mind, and sit quietly”.

Yao Xiaoyue was still not an ability user yet so she could only do the first practice method as much as possible to adjust the energy entering into the body so that she would have a solid foundation, and if she was lucky, she may also be able to awaken a dual ability.

Now that she was hiding under Qin Yue’s refuge, she no longer had to worry about her future and her own safety, she just needs to practice meditation.

It’s a pity that she meditated for two days and still didn’t feel the existence of the water ability in her body. She could not help but sigh. She had awakened the water ability for some reason in the second phase of the virus outbreak in her previous life. Behind others? No, no, even Jiang Nian can stimulate an ability in advance, of course she can!

In this way, she practiced harder.

Qin Yue observed her secretly for two days and asked Wu Jiang: “What did Yao Xiaoyue say?”

Wu Jiang said: “Xiaoyue said that she and her friend had always been together but they were almost chased into a dead end by the zombies on the way here. Her friend was the one that awakened an ability. You also know that when people are endangered, they may unleash the potential in the body.”

Qin Yue frowned: “Nothing else?”

Wu Jiang shook her head: “Xiaoyue said she still has to think about it. After all, this method of being pushed into desperation to stimulate potential is too dangerous. She said she would think about if there is anything else that she has overlooked. Let me say, Xiaoyue’s friend is pretty bad. If not for Xiaoyue being smart, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even have her life now.”

Wu Jiang was very satisfied with Yao Xiaoyue both inside and out and he was quite appreciative. In the past two days, he had often greeted Yao Xiaoyue in front of him.

Qin Yue glanced at Yao Xiaoyue, who was sitting in the car with her eyes closed, and said, “Yao Xiaoyue is not simple. Don’t believe her easily, she didn’t tell the truth.”

Wu Jiang was puzzled: “Xiaoyue is very simple. She has been trying her best to help us find a way. Although it is really annoying to fail to stimulate abilities, it can’t be blamed on Xiaoyue.”

Qin Yue glanced at Wu Jiang and said, “Yao Xiaoyue said she was driven out by her friends. If her friends were really as bad as she said, would she appear neatly in clothes and carry a backpack of food? Don’t say she bought it. If you can still buy food now, let her tell me where and I will buy it too. This means that her food was either left by her friend or originally from her. Her friend was so bad and did not rob or maybe she did not have the ability to rob it, what do you think?”

Wu Jiang stayed for a while and looked at Qin Yue blankly: “Brother Yue, what do you mean?”

Qin Yue sneered: “No matter how kind, it means that Yao Xiaoyue is not simple. You should be careful of Yao Xiaoyue, don’t be stunned by beauty!”
He looked again at Yao Xiaoyue who was sitting in the car. During the past two days, except for eating or sleeping, she almost never came down from the car. This abnormality did not go unnoticed by him.

Wu Jiang quivered, looking at Yao Xiaoyue. Yao Xiaoyue was quiet and simple, the other women he knew only knew how to cry and worry. This woman seemed to be more pleasing to the eye but was she blaming others to defend herself?  He bowed his head and said: “I know, Brother Yue.”

Qin Yue watched Wu Jiang walk to the side to smoke. He beckoned to Li Ming and whispered: “Pay attention to Wu Jiang, he is entranced by this Yao Xiaoyue woman.”

Both Wu Jiang and Li Ming had been following Qin Yue since childhood and they are very familiar with each other. If not, Qin Yue would have kicked Wu Jiang far away and would not waste so many words.

Li Ming looked at Wu Jiang, then Yao Xiaoyue, and nodded, “Brother Yue, rest assured, I can’t see anything wrong with my buddy.”

Qin Yue murmured.

With a bowl of instant noodles for lunch, Yao Xiaoyue was able to sit with Qin Yue because of his special status. In addition, there was Qin Yue’s family and several reliable brothers he trusted.

Qin Yue ate canned beef and said, “Yao Xiaoyue, do you remember anything about stimulating abilities?”

Yao Xiaoyue bowed her head in embarrassment and said: “Yue ge, I’m sorry, it seems that except for being forced to awaken abilities in desperation, I haven’t thought of anything else temporarily.”
Yao Xiaoyue didn’t want to tell Qin Yue the cultivation methods at this time in order to awaken her water ability first. She thought that she could rescue Qin Yue when he was in a difficult situation otherwise Qin Yue might be stronger and she would have no cards in front of him.

In fact, there was one thing that Jiang Nian was right about. The method she used for cultivating was indeed the first step in cultivating abilities.

The reason why she didn’t tell how Jiang Nian thought when she needed power was also because she was afraid that Qin Yue would really “think” after listening.

Wu Jiang was embarrassed for Yao Xiaoyue and said: “It’s okay, you think slowly and try to remember.”

Yao Xiaoyue cast a grateful glance at him, making Wu Jiang pity her more. Li Ming looked at Yao Xiaoyue, then Wu Jiang, and then Qin Yue, expressionless, and shook his head secretly.

Although Li Ming felt that Wu Jiang was just fascinated by beauty, he and Wu Jiang grew up wearing a pair of pants (1). They could not let him go the wrong path so he would have to talk to him in private. Wu Jiang promised but Li Ming did not know if it went in one ear and out the other.


Li Ming was also quite helpless and indeed there was no way to force Yao Xiaoyue. Not to mention Qin Yue, even he wanted to awaken abilities, who wouldn’t? That Yao Xiaoyue’s news became what they most wanted to know making them now very passive.

He sighed and could only continue to go out to inquire about the news. He heard that there were more and more people gathered at the intersection and the military also sent traffic police and soldiers to come, intending to list this place as a temporary security station. After all, while many returned to the city, there were many people out of the city. As for why so many people were blocked at the intersection, it was also because there were a lot of cars on the road at the time of the virus outbreak causing accidents on the way. It was not really possible to clear a road now.

Just as he was running around looking for news, he went to the roadside grove to relieve himself and suddenly heard someone in the forest next to him say, “Jiang Nian said that she would teach us to awaken abilities but I don’t know if it is true.”

“Jiang Nian has inspired the strength ability, why would she lie?”

“It would be great if it were true! Now all those who awaken abilities are willing to tell their experience like Jiang Nian. I really can’t think of the second one!”

“Yeah, Jiang Nian is really a good person!”

Li Ming was instantly excited and stretched his neck to say: “Who is Jiang Nian? She really wants to teach the way to cultivate abilities?”

Sun Hai and Ren Yuan were frightened and their pants almost fell to the ground. After glancing at Li Ming, they quickly shook their heads and said, “No, no, of course not, you heard it wrong!”

Li Ming smiled a bit and searched for two cigarettes from his pocket and said to Sun Hai: “Everyone is a brother. Now that the world is so chaotic, don’t you think everyone needs help when going out in the future? I’m the one who has trouble finding a brother!”

Sun Hai and Ren Yuan looked at each other and said, “You also want to awaken abilities?”

“Brother, who doesn’t want such a good thing? By the way, who is this Jiang Nian you talked about? She really awakened an ability? You don’t need to see me as a bad person, can you help refer me?”
Sun Hai spoke: “We are classmates with Jiang Nian and she has a strength ability. We have seen it with our own eyes but if you want to learn, we can’t make the decision. We have to go back and ask.”

Li Ming quickly put the cigarettes back in his pocket: “See, it wasn’t so hard to talk a bit!”

In fact, Sun Hai and Ren Yuan were standing bottomless, which made them even more afraid. They just chatted a little, how did they know they would be overheard, not to mention that Li Ming was tall and strong, and his arms were still tattooed.  After, he ran away pretending that he was in a hurry.

The two of them hurried back to the gas station and the class monitor was surprised by their panic: “What’s the matter with you two?”

Sun Hai and Ren Yuan had no choice but to tell the class monitor what had happened. The class monitor’s eyes widened with anger, “How dare you talk outside?  Who doesn’t keep the news under wraps yet you can’t wait to let the whole world now!”

“No one was there when we went…”

“You dare to quibble!”

But everything happened, what could they do?

The class monitor thought for a while and said, “Let me ask Jiang Nian.”

In fact, they hid Jiang Nian’s ability because they also worry that there are a lot of bad people out and about. Even if Jiang Nian had an ability, she was also a girl. What if she was forced to confess after being kidnapped?

Of course, there was no way to conceal now. Who knew that Jiang Nian was very happy after listening, “Come on, come on, what’s the matter? As long as they recognize me as a teacher, I will teach anyone who comes.”


Jiang Nian was afraid of the class monitor’s disbelief and said with grandeur: “Now when humanity is in trouble, how can I be strong alone? True strength is when everyone is strong! We humans should be united to overcome difficulties! “

The class monitor stayed quiet for a while and suddenly looked at Jiang Nian, overcome by emotion: “Jiang Nian, you are such a good person, you are a great and wise, I… I am really ashamed!”

Jiang Nian nodded: “Well, if they want to recognize me as a teacher, we don’t have to refuse.”


“We’ll be clear: one day to recognize me as a teacher and learn.”

“Jiang Nian, you are amazing!”


Jiang Nian was so ashamed that she was sweating. She did not expect that she would seem so great and wise now.

When Qin Yue heard the news from Li Ming, he was quite shocked: “You said that a person with an ability is going to open the door to teach?”

Not to mention, it was not only Qin Yue who got the news, but also more people who did not show off their abilities. They gathered at the gas station and sat cross-legged and waited.

Qin Yue also went naturally. When he went, a lot of people had come but he sat in a proper manner. Although there was a lot of discussion, it was still orderly.

Yao Xiaoyue was finally rushed by the news. She was shocked, angry, and wished to kill Jiang Nian again!

This idiot, doesn’t take the opportunity to improve herself or take the opportunity to turn herself into the strongest when everyone is weak, what can she actually teach? ? ?

Was her brain eaten by zombies?!

1: childhood friends

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