IHHA Ch. 83 Doomsday Counterattack (1)

I Need a Recap "The host’s next mission world is "Doomsday Counterattack", which has a task difficulty of six stars." Jiang Nian remembered that the difficulty of the last world was only four stars, now it directly upgraded to six stars. After the turbulent rotation, Jiang Nian only felt that her body suddenly had a … Continue reading IHHA Ch. 83 Doomsday Counterattack (1)

Quick Transmigration: I Have a Heroine Aura (我有女主光环[快穿] by Wei Ke (维客)


I binge-read all four arcs translated by Chocolate Otaku in two days since the text made me laugh quite a few times. I am picking up from Arc 5 which seems to involve my favourite (zombies!) so I hope my translation can do the text justice. ----- Support the novel here Synopsis: Jiang Nian was grabbed … Continue reading Quick Transmigration: I Have a Heroine Aura (我有女主光环[快穿] by Wei Ke (维客)

QTVW Chapter 5.2

I Need a Recap ----- An Mulan turned her eyes away and focused her attention on the surrounding environment. She carefully observed everything around her and her heart was in fear. Perhaps her nervousness was not thoroughly concealed enough, which led Ling Xihan to immediately approach her body and make an intimate gesture. She grabbed … Continue reading QTVW Chapter 5.2

CPFLWV Chapter 9

I Need a Recap Nayyy, I don't like Song Shuxian anymore *worships Zhu Ai* Welcome (0∆0)/ Serious Strawberry as proofreader! ----- Chapter 9 Escape from Dangerous Situations “What’s wrong?” Shen Qingjia looked at Zhu Ai. Zhu Ai refocused her attention on the zombies below, “Nothing to worry about.” Shen Qingjia tried her best to calm … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 9