BMPP Chapter 15.1

I Need a RecapMy Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse seems pretty cute, especially when the "damsel"-in-distress didn't actually need saving *builds ship* Proofreader: Cofefe ----- The men were about to open their mouths all at once.Shao Ci panicked. He quickly pulled Yu Shao's sleeve and said, "Isn't it just an ordinary ability user? What's … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 15.1

BMPP Chapter 14.2

I Need a RecapTo paraphrase, Author-san said it will be bloody in future chapters...Proofreader: Espresso Short-Hot-Doppio ----- "Alright." Yu Shao, satisfied, loosened the vines twining around Shao Ci. "There's no reason to stay in this place. Let's leave together." Suddenly he looked down at Shao Ci in close proximity. "Where does Xiao Ci gege think … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 14.2

BMPP Chapter 14.1

I Need a Recap ...That one sentence that makes you feel like Shao Ci's chrysanthemum is ready for action... #just_do_it_YuShao #keep_going #definitely_completely_a_M #best_way_to_return_from_hiatus ----- Oh f*ck, why did the upgrade finish so suddenly? Also, why does this feel like he was caught cheating?Shao Ci, who was caught in the act, looked at the diary that … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 14.1

BMPP Chapter 13

I Need a seems zombies are always ready to jump into eating tofu #There_will_Always_be_Protagonists_with_Delusions_of_Starting_a_Harem_Chapter_46 Thanks to K. Samel for topping up the full chapter counter (>^•^)> 💙💙 -----Although Shao Ci had mentally prepared to stay here for a while, it was merely the second day and he was already on the verge of dying.Because … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 13

BMPP Chapter 12.2

I Need a Recap Just as I was feeling like I needed something similar to Welcome to the Nightmare Game, Rainbow Turtle Translations translated Game, Live Broadcast and Game Loading #horror_game_yaoi #is_there_even_horror_game_yuri #Kaleidoscope_of_Death_is_good_too ----- Why is this happening? Is he going to die in such a humiliating way? Not knowing where the strength came from, … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 12.2

BMPP Chapter 12.1

I Need a Recap Yeah so Saturday's chapter is coming out now because I got overly excited to chat about it in the comments... and on our new DISCORD server! #shoutout_to_CookiesnCream_for_being_the_first_member_while_we_were_still_working_out_the_kinks Commenter @akumakawa, you are making some really good predictions Kk...working on cutting down on the Translator's Notes and keeping it at this: The ship … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 12.1