BMPP Chapter 13

I Need a seems zombies are always ready to jump into eating tofu #There_will_Always_be_Protagonists_with_Delusions_of_Starting_a_Harem_Chapter_46 Thanks to K. Samel for topping up the full chapter counter (>^•^)> 💙💙 -----Although Shao Ci had mentally prepared to stay here for a while, it was merely the second day and he was already on the verge of dying.Because … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 13

BMPP Chapter 12.2

I Need a Recap Just as I was feeling like I needed something similar to Welcome to the Nightmare Game, Rainbow Turtle Translations translated Game, Live Broadcast and Game Loading #horror_game_yaoi #is_there_even_horror_game_yuri #Kaleidoscope_of_Death_is_good_too ----- Why is this happening? Is he going to die in such a humiliating way? Not knowing where the strength came from, … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 12.2

BMPP Chapter 12.1

I Need a Recap Yeah so Saturday's chapter is coming out now because I got overly excited to chat about it in the comments... and on our new DISCORD server! #shoutout_to_CookiesnCream_for_being_the_first_member_while_we_were_still_working_out_the_kinks Commenter @akumakawa, you are making some really good predictions Kk...working on cutting down on the Translator's Notes and keeping it at this: The ship … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 12.1

BMPP Chapter 10

I Need a RecapThe containers are the bits of my heart as my second ship falls #ChuJin_x_ShaoCi_x_YinHan #duct_tapes_the_pieces_of_my_heart_back_together_with_the_cute_first_chapter_of_The_Protagonist_is_in_the_Right_Position_to_Get_Along_With_the_VillainThanks to Anon for supporting on Ko-fi (/^∆^)/ ❤ ❤ so here comes full chapter 1 of 3-----Why was this happening?!#Help! After passing the climax of the text, I was forced into a kiss with the male lead. … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 10