CPFLWV Chapter 9

I Need a Recap Nayyy, I don't like Song Shuxian anymore *worships Zhu Ai* Welcome (0∆0)/ Serious Strawberry as proofreader! ----- Chapter 9 Escape from Dangerous Situations “What’s wrong?” Shen Qingjia looked at Zhu Ai. Zhu Ai refocused her attention on the zombies below, “Nothing to worry about.” Shen Qingjia tried her best to calm … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 9

CPFLWV Chapter 8.2

I Need a Recap When all the females in this chapter are too cool... #Song_Shuxian_is_officially_my_fav_character #girl_power Proofreader: Black Ice ----- When the captain heard her statement, he immediately corrected her with a serious face and said, "It's ability users, not maggots. Song Shuxian, you really should change your knife-like mouth otherwise you don't know how … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 8.2

CPFLWV Chapter 8.1

I Need a Recap Thanks Author-san, I was feeling ready to consider building other ships… #a_love_rival_is_comingHappy publicly-showing-affection-until-singles-die day! #Sinister_Ex_Girlfriend #DMLations_has_a_funny_oneshotProofreader: Cofefe ----- Chapter 8: Zombies Besiege the City! Shen Qingjia and Zhu Ai established this place as their temporary stronghold and began to target the zombies in the urban areas after the zombies in the … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 8.1

CPFLWV Chapter 7.2

I Need a Recap Commenter @Syef, I feel like the kiss is soon too but a love rival has to show up first... #what_is_the_likelihood_love_rival_will_appear_before_ch_10 ----- Shen Qingjia coughed dryly. "That - do you want to know what powers I got?"Zhu Ai stared at Shen Qingjia, who was immensely pleased with herself. She looked somewhat like … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 7.2

CPFLWV Chapter 7.1

I Need a RecapSometimes, this text makes me feel like I'm translating a xianxia...Since midterm season has arrived, translations will probably slow down.Proofreader: Cofefe ----- Chapter 7: Acquire power “Zhu Ai, you should stay away from me.” Shen Qingjia's voice sounded weak. She turned her head and smiled slightly. "I don't want to be seen … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 7.1

CPFLWV Chapter 6.2

I Need a RecapTrust is knowing someone will give you a bullet when the end comes for you in the Zombie Apocalypse... #the_meng_level_is_risingProofreader: Cofefe ----- Zhu Ai supported her chin as she watched the busy Shen Qingjia, "Do you want external or internal application?"Ever since she met the mysterious girl in front of her eyes, … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 6.2

CPFLWV Chapter 6.1

I Need a RecapI feel like it kind of goes without saying that most people look better smiling...----- Chapter 6: Shen Qingjia is best suited for smiling Evolution, maybe it was better to call it degradation, as zombies and mutant animals and plants seemed to be moving in the most primitive direction with deadly fighting … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 6.1

CPFLWV Chapter 5

I Need a RecapEveryone say hi to our proofreader, Cofefe \(^0^)/Thanks to Stinkfussjoe for topping up the full chapter counter on Ko-fi (/^∆^)/ ❤ ❤ -----Chapter 5: Don't worry anymoreIn some anti-Japanese war movies, the protagonist was shot in the body at close range. With a little bloodshed and after a certain memory of justice, … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 5

CPFLWV Chapter 4

I Need a RecapHappy New Year!Thanks to Anon for supporting on Ko-fi (/^∆^)/ ❤ ❤ so here comes 2 of 3 full chapters-----Chapter 4: Sudden CrisisIn the past, Shen Qingjia chose the sewer to the industrial zone as an escape route but did not stop here. Instead she immediately went to another seemingly safe human … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 4

CPFLWV Chapter 3.2

I Need A RecapBoya, Feng Yu Heng is about to get her heart stolen by the female Prince #everything_has_a_yuri_moment_now-----  "Because I don't want to be entangled with those annoying men, I have been covering my face during the Apocalypse.” Zhu Ai said.    Shen Qingjia removed her gaze from Zhu Ai’s face and nodded her head in understanding. … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 3.2