CPFLWV Chapter 5

I Need a RecapEveryone say hi to our proofreader, Cofefe \(^0^)/Thanks to Stinkfussjoe for topping up the full chapter counter on Ko-fi (/^∆^)/ ❤ ❤ -----Chapter 5: Don't worry anymoreIn some anti-Japanese war movies, the protagonist was shot in the body at close range. With a little bloodshed and after a certain memory of justice, … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 5

CPFLWV Chapter 4

I Need a RecapHappy New Year!Thanks to Anon for supporting on Ko-fi (/^∆^)/ ❤ ❤ so here comes 2 of 3 full chapters-----Chapter 4: Sudden CrisisIn the past, Shen Qingjia chose the sewer to the industrial zone as an escape route but did not stop here. Instead she immediately went to another seemingly safe human … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 4

CPFLWV Chapter 3.2

I Need A RecapBoya, Feng Yu Heng is about to get her heart stolen by the female Prince #everything_has_a_yuri_moment_now-----  "Because I don't want to be entangled with those annoying men, I have been covering my face during the Apocalypse.” Zhu Ai said.    Shen Qingjia removed her gaze from Zhu Ai’s face and nodded her head in understanding. … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 3.2

CPFLWV Chapter 3.1

I Need a Recap Reading the first sentence of this chapter made me wonder if I opened the wrong text...#be_warned #there_is_an_explanation ...and then I realized Commenter Casey's question about the meaning of the FL's name is important to understanding the "puns" of this chapter. Zhu Ai means wish to mourn. ----- Chapter 3: The World's … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 3.1

CPFLWV Chapter 2.2

Previous When Doomsday Wonderland has a Yuri moment...*coughs to death from brief excitement* ----- "Where should we go?" “North, the northern part of the city was developed as an industrial area, sparsely populated with people in general as we are far away from the base and similarly, the zombies will be less.” "How do you … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 2.2

CPFLWV Chapter 2.1

Previous Boya, reading The General's Manor Young Concubine Survival Report makes me appreciate this...slightly smarter protagonist... *coughsthoughtshewassmarterbut thentheendingofthischaptercoughs* Chapter 2: The villain BOSS? "Sorry... but you really don't have to die with me."   Having left the room for a while, the girl lowered her head.   "Don't misunderstand, I am not doing this for … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 2.1

CPFLWV Chapter 1.2

Previous Looking at the NU Novel pickup request forum makes me want to read so much but I can't T-T... ----- In this task of searching for food, Shen Qingjia, an ordinary person with no ability, was thrown into the zombie horde by the squad leader to attract the attention of the zombies so that … Continue reading CPFLWV Chapter 1.2