FEPL Chapter 4.2

I Need a Recap Yay, the snow day allowed for updates! Proofreader: Espresso Short-Hot-Doppio #feel_better_soon ----- When Hehua on the bed heard this, warmth filled her heart and shook her head gently with a smile."Niang, you can rest assured! This daughter-in-law is in good health and has no discomfort at all. Perhaps the child in … Continue reading FEPL Chapter 4.2

FEPL Chapter 4.1

I Need a Recap So far, it feels like Wu Meili is the main character when the synopsis sounds like it's supposed to be the child #I_like_it_though Welcome our second proofreader, Espresso Short-Hot-Doppio! They helped me catch the misnaming of mother so Ma = Niang from now on. ----- Chapter 4: Warehouse/Stars/Wrath of Heaven The … Continue reading FEPL Chapter 4.1

FEPL Chapter 2.1

Ughhhhh have to find some more cleaners so that when midterms come around and I decide to switch to procrastinating by novel translation, manga updates don't drop off schedule T-T ----- Chapter 2 - Pie/Corn Porridge/Gale The 14-year-old boy asked palely, "Mother, just now, didn't they say it was going to rain? We have to … Continue reading FEPL Chapter 2.1

Female Emperor’s Peerless Luck 女帝福运滔天 Synopsis

Author(s): Yun Qing Liu (云清流) Zhen must have saved the world, more than once. Thousand worlds, who will get close to Zhen's peerless luck? Note: This is a story of how a farm girl became Emperor. Although set in ancient times, it will be very different from history. People who are different and can do … Continue reading Female Emperor’s Peerless Luck 女帝福运滔天 Synopsis