FIS Chapter 1 Elopement (2)

Ye Chunqiu changed his thoughts, searching the words eight-legged essay (1). Millions of articles appeared in his brain. Ye Chunqiu was entirely in a shock, oh dammit…..His heart is shaking…wtf… Doesn’t this mean any document from any time period, as soon as I change my thoughts, will appear in my brain? Ye Chunqiu peeked at … Continue reading FIS Chapter 1 Elopement (2)

Free-spirited Illegitimate Son 庶子风流简介 Synopsis

He was just a normal teenager until he accidentally got the System. Returned to the Min Dynasty’s time period of Zhengde, he becomes the illegitimate child of a literary family. If engaged, then it's the wife; if eloped, then it’s the concubine. Father and mother unexpectedly ran away for love and give the birth to … Continue reading Free-spirited Illegitimate Son 庶子风流简介 Synopsis