QTVW Chapter 5.2

I Need a Recap ----- An Mulan turned her eyes away and focused her attention on the surrounding environment. She carefully observed everything around her and her heart was in fear. Perhaps her nervousness was not thoroughly concealed enough, which led Ling Xihan to immediately approach her body and make an intimate gesture. She grabbed … Continue reading QTVW Chapter 5.2

QTVW Chapter 1.2

Let Me Refresh my Memory Reading the beginning of Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess Chapter 27 made me feel like there was yuri action about to go down #had_to_reread_for_a_moment ----- The maid escaped and was captured by external forces. Several men took a lot of effort to save her. After the maid was rescued, she … Continue reading QTVW Chapter 1.2

Quick Transmigration – Villain Walkthrough [快穿]反派攻略 GL Synopsis

Went to work today and wondered why none of my posts were coming up during lunch time...turns out it's not Wednesday #so_ready_for_holidays ----- Author(s): 乙纯 Mulan is the host of the virtual space-time System. According to the System's instructions, she has passed through novels one after another becoming the cannon fodder in the novel, counter-attacking … Continue reading Quick Transmigration – Villain Walkthrough [快穿]反派攻略 GL Synopsis

QTVW Chapter 1.1

Let Me Refresh my Memory ----- A young girl's face bearing youth and inexperience leaned forward to kiss her lips and said with a smile: "I... love you." Mulan blinked, her lips trembled, wanting to say something but was interrupted by the sound of the System. The sound is cold and mechanical, without the slightest … Continue reading QTVW Chapter 1.1