RIBMG Chapter 1.2

I Need a Recap Looking at all the genderbenders on Dong Ruong's site makes me feel like learning a new language... #looks_fun #Korean_is_next_though_because_the_below_text_loooks_interesting_to_translate Author-san gives spoilers... *Cough* I mean, answers commenters' questions *cough* #working_on_translating_authors_notes_from_now_on Proofreader: Cofefe ----- “Didn’t you just want to have sex with them, but the person is a guy so you can’t. … Continue reading RIBMG Chapter 1.2

Reborn, I Became a Male God 重生之我变成了男神 Synopsis

After careful deliberation, I chose one of this author's texts to translate... *restrains self from trying to translate all* The synopsis of this text makes me feel like this is the female version of Scum Shou's Survival Guide ----- Author(s): 夙夜笙歌 Chosen by the System, Jing Ling, each time she was completing a task would … Continue reading Reborn, I Became a Male God 重生之我变成了男神 Synopsis