BMPP Chapter 15.2

I Need a Recap ----- Yin Han extended his finger and suddenly more than a dozen ice cones rose and hurtled towards Yu Shao's body. Before touching Yu Shao's body, these ice cones were caught by black vines, not allowing them to continue forward even a little bit. On the other side, there were countless … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 15.2

BMPP Chapter 15.1

I Need a RecapMy Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse seems pretty cute, especially when the "damsel"-in-distress didn't actually need saving *builds ship* Proofreader: Cofefe ----- The men were about to open their mouths all at once.Shao Ci panicked. He quickly pulled Yu Shao's sleeve and said, "Isn't it just an ordinary ability user? What's … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 15.1

Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life Part 2

I Need a Recap Yep, it's a continuation... ----- Drip Drop Sandy dirt mixed with the sweat on the back of Affia's hands as her knees felt like they were on pins and needles. Damn! Why can't they just hurry up and get into the carriage? Affia screamed internally while maintaining her position on all … Continue reading Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life Part 2

BMPP Chapter 14.2

I Need a RecapTo paraphrase, Author-san said it will be bloody in future chapters...Proofreader: Espresso Short-Hot-Doppio ----- "Alright." Yu Shao, satisfied, loosened the vines twining around Shao Ci. "There's no reason to stay in this place. Let's leave together." Suddenly he looked down at Shao Ci in close proximity. "Where does Xiao Ci gege think … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 14.2

Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life

There's a synopsis too Another attempt to write ideas that 🎶 hit me with that ddu-du-ddu-du🎶 #really_hoping_Blackpink_comes_to_Canada #watching_my_hiatus_end_gives_me_a_little_pressure #cries_at_the_lack_of_tentacle_play_while_translating ----- BANG! A faded door closed with three girls inside. Snickering comes from behind the door with an apple card. The apple card tacked to the door with the scrawled English name Mandy shook. The door … Continue reading Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life

Horror is Love, Horror is Life Synopsis

I feel like this is a salvageable idea for later but the title...hurts me everytime I look at it ----- In the whole of Jiangnan, there was but a single river. -We’ll never get free- The nobles called it the river of forever and would visit following promises of immortality. With their golden adorned goblets, … Continue reading Horror is Love, Horror is Life Synopsis