BMPP Chapter 14.1

I Need a Recap ...That one sentence that makes you feel like Shao Ci's chrysanthemum is ready for action... #just_do_it_YuShao #keep_going #definitely_completely_a_M #best_way_to_return_from_hiatus ----- Oh f*ck, why did the upgrade finish so suddenly? Also, why does this feel like he was caught cheating?Shao Ci, who was caught in the act, looked at the diary that … Continue reading BMPP Chapter 14.1

Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life

There's a synopsis too Another attempt to write ideas that 🎶 hit me with that ddu-du-ddu-du🎶 #really_hoping_Blackpink_comes_to_Canada #watching_my_hiatus_end_gives_me_a_little_pressure #cries_at_the_lack_of_tentacle_play_while_translating ----- BANG! A faded door closed with three girls inside. Snickering comes from behind the door with an apple card. The apple card tacked to the door with the scrawled English name Mandy shook. The door … Continue reading Bad Fiction ~ Horror is Love, Horror is life

Horror is Love, Horror is Life Synopsis

I feel like this is a salvageable idea for later but the title...hurts me everytime I look at it ----- In the whole of Jiangnan, there was but a single river. -We’ll never get free- The nobles called it the river of forever and would visit following promises of immortality. With their golden adorned goblets, … Continue reading Horror is Love, Horror is Life Synopsis

Love Fraudster 愛情欺詐師 Synopsis

Feeling like there wasn't enough BL...  #for_now_unable_to_find_good_untranslated_horror_game_yaoi ----- (From Raven Blues Day): Author : Gù chǔ 《顧楚》 Official Description : A fraudster should not only be able to speak well, but also master all kinds of knowledge — at the very least, be good at disguise. Love Fraudster — Putting a show while wearing a … Continue reading Love Fraudster 愛情欺詐師 Synopsis